Renowned team

As their international reputation grows, so do Dental Team. In addition to the business owners, the team presently consists of four dental technicians who apply themselves to the realization of high-quality, aesthetic solutions on a full time basis.


Das Dental Labor Newcomer of the year winner

In 1990 the Rutten brothers won the ‘Newcomer’ competition, organized by the renowned trade magazine Das Dental Labor. It was the first time their hard work and ongoing specialization in the domain of porcelain techniques received an official accolade. The title of ‘Newcomer 1990’ opened doors towards international recognition. Today, both Luc and Patrick Rutten [...]


Klaus Müterthies

Towards the end of the 80’s Luc and Patrick Rutten’s attention was drawn towards the magnificent porcelain technique of German expert Klaus Müterthies, whose course they promptly took. It was to be their first foray into a series of courses and workshops by authorities in the speciality.



Luc and Patrick Rutten started a five-year period specializing in porcelain and milling techniques in the Dental Labor Albert Günther Cremer and several German dental practices.