Dental Team is a boutique style specialized dental laboratory. The focus is on the personal approach and individualized service. Established for over 30 years, we have built an industry reputation for high quality and excellence, specializing in highly aesthetic cosmetic restorations and complex implant-supported restorations.

Dental Team firmly believe in long-term relationships with dental practices and OMF departments (Oral and maxillofacial surgery). To guarantee a sustained level of quality to the clinicians we are working with, we continually invest in further education and training, always striving to master the latest and most innovative techniques. Coupled with a healthy dose of creativity, this approach ensures natural-looking restorations of the highest level.

The digital transformation of Dental Team

Dental Team has invested in the most accurate and advanced digital technologies in dental technology in recent years. This leads to advancements and innovations in multiple platforms that can be synergistically combined to improve results. The continuous development in computer technology creates new opportunities in the field of crown and bridge work and implant restorations.

Implant procedures are one of the most exciting facets in dentistry and dental technology. In addition, the introduction of the face scan improves communication between dentist, implantologist and dental laboratory. Virtual implant planning and CAD/CAM technology have been the breakthrough for on-screen design with software applications and secondary computer-assisted manufacturing with rapid prototyping such as milling or 3D printing.

With 2 CAD/CAM systems in house, it is possible to manufacture implant restorations for every implant situation, on every implant type and implant brand.

Career highlights of the Rutten brothers

Lab and training center

Dental Team are located in a quiet, modern setting which incorporates high-tech lab, a relaxing client practice and a training center for practical masterclasses.