Dental Team strive after excellence in the domain of crown and bridgework and aesthetic implant restorations in ceramic. We deliver excellent quality by treating every request with the necessary attention and precision. We maintain an open dialogue with the clinicians we are working together with and their patients and, in doing so, we deliver high-quality restorations.

Dental Team firmly believe in long-term relationships with dental practices and OMF departments (Oral and maxillofacial surgery). To guarantee a sustained level of quality to the clinicians we are working with , we continually invest in further education and training, always striving to master the latest and most innovative techniques. Coupled with a healthy dose of creativity, this approach ensures natural-looking restorations of the highest level.

Career highlights of the Rutten brothers

Lab and training center

Dental Team are located in a quiet, modern setting which incorporates high-tech lab, a relaxing client practice and a training center for practical masterclasses.